Maison Emerald

Star embroidered plaid shirt


Maison Emerald

฿2,890.00 THB
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สินค้าจัดส่งใน 5-7 วัน
aison Emerald

This product uses light blue cotton plaid, full of spring and summer breath. The printed butterflies are asymmetrically distributed throughout the clothes. The special faded printing process makes the butterfly prints different in shades and presents a retro and old-fashioned feel. The placket uses a zipper design, which is more advanced overall visually.

Fabric: Choose brown cotton plaid, full of autumn and winter atmosphere
Craftsmanship: the whole piece of embroidery on the back piece, with rich patterns and rich layers
Pattern: Express the theme of mestar with colorful hand-drawn text, and use stars to form an m shape