Maison Emerald

Hot drilling T-shirt (white)


Maison Emerald

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สินค้าจัดส่งใน 5-7 วัน

ต้อนรับหน้า SUMMER ด้วยคอลเลคชั่นใหม่ ด้วยคอนเซปต์ความสนุกสนาน และคงความ Flex สไตล์ Maison Emerald 

Falling shoulders loose printed T-shirt, loose tailoring, comfortable and casual.
Patterns and craftsmanship: OLD SCHOOL letter graffiti on the front chest, with stars of different sizes to express the trajectory of the planet, adding a touch of vitality to the silent universe, and the color-contrast technique to create a careful machine for youth and age reduction, and the loose silhouette is casual. Comfortable, the dropped shoulders are loosely cut and cleverly modified the figure.

Fabric: Choose 230g knitted combed Xinjiang cotton, no irritation on skin contact, good air permeability, compact and hand-feel fabric, good abrasion resistance, no static electricity when wearing